Views on Brexit 2: Margaret Thatcher


There are thousands of Professional Accountants from the UK working and living in Europe. Many of us get no vote as we have been working outside the UK for more than 15 years. However it is these same members that followed the advice of Margaret Thatcher and Norman Tebbit and got on their bikes to seek out new jobs abroad. In light of the recent renegotiations can I commend to everyone speech Margaret Thatcher delivered to the College of Europe in in Bruges, September 1988. It has a huge resonance with what is now being discussed.

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Views on Brexit 1: a European view?

This article is written by Joris Luyendijk and was printed in the Guardian Newspaper in February. Needless to say it upset a lot of people. However, having heard the man speak he has some genuinely sold arguments and is a wakeup call to what might happen if the UK decides to vote for an exit.

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